Turtle Creek
Duplicate Bridge
2 Club Circle
Tequesta, Florida 33477
PH: (561) 743-8371
This is an ACBL sanctioned game, held at the Turtle Creek Club.  It is open to all
including members of the Turtle Creek Club, Jupiter Hills CC, Tequesta CC,
Loxahatchee CC.  Hank Rosely is the Duplicate BridgeDirector/Manager  
Start Time is 1:30

Clicking on a date below will open the Final  Game Summary, Hand Records,
and  a Double Dummy Analysis of each hand.  You may also place your cursor
on any hand to have a pop-up window appear which will show "hand strength"
computed by several different counting methods.
                              All Country Club games are suspended until further notice.

                  In an effort to accommodate our players I have pooled all players from this game
                   into an online Bridgebase - ACBL Virtual Club game. Play from your home or no
           matter where you are by use of your computer. The games are available daily and found at

 Here is how to find and log into a game that has been especially created for you and others from this club:   
       1. If you are a member of
bridgebase.com (BBO), Log in as REMEMBER ME, not as invisible and
           proceed to step 4.
       2. If you are joining BBO for the first time, click "BECOME A MEMBER" and Register.  Be sure to
           include your ACBL# on your registration form.
       3.  Add funds with the "BB$" button.
       4. To register to play in a game, choose "
       5. Then select "
       6.  Look for
Gabi’s Alliance of Clubs games, or “Gabi” in the club name.  (Host vacb103325)   
       7.  If “Gabi” does not automatically pop up, select “
All tournaments”, and then #6, #8, and #9
       8. NOTE: Games are listed 2-hours before the game time – not before
       9. Register yourself and partner, or find one at "PARTNERSHIP DESK".  Note: Both partners need
            to be logged on at the same time to Register and/or Accept each other

Regular Weekly Schedule
                                                         Monday,        1:40  Open
                                                         Tuesday,       1:40  Open
                                                          Wed              1:30  499’ers
(Only for players with less that 500 MP's)
                                                          Wed              1:40  Open
                                                          Thursday       1:40  Open
                                                          Friday            1:30  499’ers
(Only for players with less that 500 MP's)
                                                          Friday            1:40  Open
                                                          Saturday        11:30 Open

          Until we are allowed to conduct face-to-face games again, I wish you all well.