HOBE SOUND, FL 33455
                                                                          Ph: (772) 546-8700

                  Loblolly Duplicate Bridge Club is an ACBL sanctioned club, sponsored
                  by the Loblolly Club and "Invitational", i.e., open to all members of the
                  the Club and their guests only. The Bridge Club meets every Wednesday
                  afternoon at 2:15 PM - and concludes at approximately 5:00 -5:15.  
                          Hank Rosely is the Duplicate Bridge Manager/Director.

                      Clicking on a date below will open the Final  Game Summary, Hand Records,
                       and  a Double Dummy Analysis of each hand.  You may also place your cursor
                       on any hand to have a pop-up window appear which will show "hand strength"
                                               computed by several different counting methods.    
  Duplicate Bridge will start on Wednesday, October 31, 2018